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visiomatic Ambience

Perfected elegance, simple understatement and effectiveness in its purest form: our products go far beyond mere dreams of comfort.

Expect more than just technology which has been perfected down to the last detail and you will find a multifunction talent which fits your personality exactly in terms of function and design.

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Technology design in the best sense of the word. The fundamental idea: the focus on people, their business, their thinking, their style, their approach to life.

visiSoft is the intelligent core of the visiomatic Home System. The ergonomic user interface of the software enables you to operate all of the integrated functions without any previous knowledge. The visiSoft operational structure has been divided into four logically structured main menu points which relate to people and their environment:


The four main menu points can be individually customized.

So much - one touch

Use the visiomatic Home System to launch scenarios or define them yourself, facilitated by the menu commands. A scenario can run a number of functions from the technology areas home automation, telecommunications, entertainment electronics and infotainment: turn off the lights in different rooms, activate the alarm system throughout the entire building, switch on the answer phone which is integrated in the system and start a film in the controlled home cinema.

All of the scenarios can be launched using the visiPad or the additional wireless operating elements such as HomePad, iPhone/iPod Touch, remote control, or, if necessary, by using the telephone to give remote commands.

Time-controlled scenario

Every morning at 8.30, the window shades automatically go up, the heating in the bathroom has been working for an hour to raise the temperature to a pleasant 23° C, the light is turned on, and in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room your favourite radio station is playing, thanks to the multiroom audio system.

At 9.00 in the evening, the lawn sprinkler goes on if the moisture sensor detects a value under 33%.

Event-controlled scenario

If the wind rises, the marquee will be automatically retracted and the water sprinkler will be turned off.

The key card for the hotel suite activates a welcoming scenario which turns on the lights in the evening, closes the privacy drapes and activates pleasant background music in all of the appropriate rooms.

Menu Items

In seconds you are brought up to date: the category "World" offers you direct access to all information filters such as stock prices, news, worldwide weather and climate forecasts, traffic reports, dictionaries, cinema and television programmes, or completely customized filters which can be set according to your special interests and desires. Moreover, you have internet and e-mail functionality access.

Everything taken in at a glance control of functions throughout entire buildings or floors has never been simpler. The category "House" allows you to make universal changes with a single function. Either manually, using the saved building plan, or by pre-defined scenarios.

It really couldn't be any easier: the menu "Room" makes all devices and media available to you wherever you happen to be at that moment - from telephone to CD changer, DVD, TV, radio and MP3 to the sector building management with air conditioning, lighting, window shades and security settings.

The menu item "Person" saves all of the preferences of the people living in the house under their names and is a quick access to their particular selections. Naturally also possible with protected PIN code access.