Home System

visiomatic Ambience

Perfected elegance, simple understatement and effectiveness in its purest form: our products go far beyond mere dreams of comfort.

Expect more than just technology which has been perfected down to the last detail and you will find a multifunction talent which fits your personality exactly in terms of function and design.

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A secure connection to your visiomatic System around the world and the reliability of visiSoft make you absolutely flexible. Securely and reliably!

Not only can you call in from any telephone in the world, the system also forwards messages about the current security status to you right away, as a short text message as well. Produce your own feel-good programmes for the sectors:

Home automation
Security technology
Entertainment electronics
Communications electronics
Telematics and Infotainment

Experience interaction in perfection whatever the distance is.

No matter whether by cable or via wireless connections using radio or infrared signals: the visiomatic System carries out every command promptly and reliably. You have any number of possible ways to launch a function or a complete scenario of the visiomatic system, including voice commands.

  • Mobility via the internet and e-mail
  • Mobility via telephone

The following functions are available to you over the telephone:

  • Voice-responsive call centre
  • PIN code access
  • Status report as text message
  • Access to visiomatic Home System functions