Home System

visiomatic Ambience

Perfected elegance, simple understatement and effectiveness in its purest form: our products go far beyond mere dreams of comfort.

Expect more than just technology which has been perfected down to the last detail and you will find a multifunction talent which fits your personality exactly in terms of function and design.

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The visiomatic System makes it possible to control, monitor and visualize all of the devices and media in a building. All of the services, information and functions of the sectors:

Home automation

are bundled, centralized and put in the palm of your hand.

Whether on the premises or on the road, you have everything under control at any time:

  • Alarm system
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Answering machine
  • Light and window shade controls
  • Telephone
  • Internet and e-mail
  • DVD player
  • Video intercom
  • Home cinema
  • Traffic congestion reports
  • World time
  • Stock market news
  • Weather forecasts

and so much more!

The visiomatic System satisfies everyone's demands. Enjoyably simple, yet anything but a technical gimmick. A well-rounded complete system which adjusts flexibly at any time to meet new needs and which is always open to the integration of new technologies. An investment into the future.