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visiomatic offers secure and very smart mobile solutions, which can be part of a visiomatic Home System or be integrated in existent standard building infrastructures.

visiomatic : All you can automate!

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visiTor Controller and visiTor 3G

visiTor on iPhone and iPad works with all conventional video intercom Systems
visiTor auf iPad
visiTor auf iPhone



The doorbell rings… Now, you immediately see who's at the door: With visiTor 3G you communicate with your visitors from the comfort of your sofa - or wherever you are.

  • When someone calls, the image automatically appears on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android device). You can now talk directly with your visitor and open the door.
  • You do not answer the ring call? No problem. The system takes a snapshot of your visitor and save for you the information about day, time and from which door came the call. The list of ringing people remains in the memory of the visiTor Controller until you delete them.
  • If you have multiple cameras installed, you can easily change between different views, e. g. monitoring the exterior of your home.

As long as you have internet connection (e. g. WiFi, 3G, E), visiTor 3G is always ready for you - the most useful innovation since the invention of the doorbell!

All that is required for the visiTor 3G app is the visiTor Controller (the hardware box from visiomatic), a mobile device (iOS with min. 5 or Android with min. 2.3), a Video Intercom System (e. g. from Siedle, TCS, Ritto, Jung etc.) with telephone interface and an internet connection for the mobile. Your intercom system is older? No problem – visiTor is compatible with most video intercom systems.

The – unique - visiTor 3G app is available from the iTunes Store or Google play Store for free.

The visiTor Controller is available exclusively from visiomatic or one of our certified Partners.



When someone presses your call button, visiTor starts automatically. In this view you can see the picture of the entry station, you hear and can talk directly to your visitor. In this view you can see the picture of the entry station, listen to your visitor and speak directly with him. You accept the call with the green button, as you’re used to on the iPhone. To open the door, just tap "Open Door".  With the red button you close / end the communication.

Other functions:

  • Aadjust the intercom volume or mute.
  • Mute the microphone on the iPhone/iPad
  • View single camera or multiple cameras in the multiple cameras view; you can view up to four cameras.
  • Tap a particular camera to view in full screen. The points below indicate how many cameras are available and current is viewed.
  • If more than four cameras are connected to your intercom system, you can switch between multiple cameras views.
  • Switch back to single View.

Video Surveillance:
Even if no one is ringing, you can start visiTor at any time to monitor the environment of your home. In this mode all video functions of visiTor are available.



The visiTor-system consists of a compact (9.72” x 6.69” x 3.14”) controller, which is available from visiomatic or one of our certified partners, and free visiTor app.

The visiTor Controller is easily connected to the analog telephone line of your Telephone Interface. Furthermore only one power connection and a connection to your existing LAN installation is required. For connecting analog video signals, the controller can be expanded with an optional module for video processing.

Communication with your iPhone or iPad is established via a WLAN connection-anywhere in your home or garden, visiTor is ready wherever WLAN is available. This requires only a few settings in the configuration of the iPhone or iPad (e. g. IP address and port of the visiTor controller). Via Web browser, you can
then adjust individual camera settings, SIP Gateway, intercom system etc.

In the basic version of visiTor up to five devices (iPads/iPhones) can be used at one controller. Additional devices can be added at any time via a license upgrade, additional hardware components are not necessary.



The visiTor app is available as a "universal app" for iPhone 3GS and up and all iPad versions running iOS 4.3. The app is available in the iTunes Store for free.

Download visiTor now from iTunes.


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