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visiomatic offers secure and very smart mobile solutions, which can be part of a visiomatic Home System or be integrated in existent standard building infrastructures.

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Secure Access for Mobiles

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Secure Access Overview
iPhone/iPod Touch Home Screen
iPhone/iPod Touch Room View
iPhone/iPod Touch DVD Screen
iPhone/iPod Touch DVD Screen, Cover View
iPhone/iPod Touch HD Video Screen
iPhone/iPod Touch HD Video Screen, Preview



Secure Access for Mobiles is the App which needs to be installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to manage and visualize building automation and much more. The information transfer between mobile and home is based on secure, encrypted images and data formats via WLAN. The remote control is as secure as the WLAN connection and is available through the standard networks, such as E, 3G or WiFi. The most common world languages (from German to Chinese) are available and pre installed.

In connection with the Secure Access Module:

The visiomatic Secure Access Module is a solution, which consists of an EIN/KNX interface, a compact PC and the visiomatic® software solution for the connection with the building services engineering. In connection with the Secure Access for Mobiles application it enables the access and control of your building automation: EIB/KNX facility, EIB/KNX burglar alarm and internal as well as external video cameras.

In connection with any visiomatic System:

Equipped with a visiomatic System, the Secure Access for Mobiles visualizes and controls building automation, KNX burglar alarms, music, videos, lighting and personal scenes within the home. You can also watch real-time videos of your internal and/or external cameras.

To the portal or to download the App for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

visiomatic Secure Access  for Mobiles - PDF (Software)

visiomatic Secure Access Module - PDF (Hardware)

Available Modules

Available Modules

  • Secure Access Module
  • Visualization and control of EIB/KNX building management system
  • Visualization and control of EIB/KNX alarm system
  • Video surveillance

Additional media control through integration into the existing visiomatic Home System.