visiPad TT, MP3 Screen

The visiomatic System paves the way so you can easily access global and personal information, using the visiomatic information filter.

You can search the Internet, read or write your emails, check the weather for any country or city of your choice, look for cooking recipes and any other information using the visiomatic screens.

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World Weather

World Weather Screen, Munich
World Weather Screen, Hong Kong
World Weather Screen, Oslo
visiPad RC6: Weather Screen "Forecast"
visiPad RC6: Weather Screen "City Choice"



The visiomatic weather screen provides the user with the worldwide weather forecast.

The top bar of the “weather” screen is divided into four tabs. The first tab contains the names of the continents as well as the favourites. With the touch of one of the continent names a list of the alphabetically sorted corresponding regions is shown in the second tab of the top bar. The user can scroll down the cities in the third tab of the bar and may then touch the command “add” and add any city within the section to the weather favourites.

If a city is already a part of the favourites the “add” command dissappears from the fourth tab on the right of the corresponding town name. In this case the user can only delete this city from the “Favourites” tab.

The highlighted cities, countries and continents are actually selected by the user.



  • Show the continent list
  • Show the country list
  • Show the city list
  • Show the temperature for the following four days