visiPad TT, MP3 Screen

The visiomatic System paves the way so you can easily access global and personal information, using the visiomatic information filter.

You can search the Internet, read or write your emails, check the weather for any country or city of your choice, look for cooking recipes and any other information using the visiomatic screens.

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World Wide News

News Screen USA
News Screen UK
News Screen France
News Screen Germany



The visiomatic world wide news screen provides the customer with the actual news in the language of his choice.

It's an integrated information filter which contains the news articles of different countries such as France, Germany, UK or USA.

The user can also select his favourite topics such as top news, sports or technology. This activates the summary of the news article in the middle of the screen.

The detailed news information of the selected item with the corresponding picture is shown in the bottom of the screen.

The highlighted terms are selected by the user.

The user can switch between areas in the top bar by touching the arrow symbol and reading the actual world news.



  • Show the country list
  • Classification in topics
  • Short form of the actual news
  • Detailed form of the actual news