visiPad TT, MP3 Screen

The visiomatic System paves the way so you can easily access global and personal information, using the visiomatic information filter.

You can search the Internet, read or write your emails, check the weather for any country or city of your choice, look for cooking recipes and any other information using the visiomatic screens.

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Internet Browser

Internet Browser Screen "Favorites"
Internet Browser Screen "Search" Term
Internet Browser Screen "Search" Results
Internet Browser Screen "Address"



The visiomatic internet screen provides the user with an integrated internet browser and search engine. The user can scroll in the top bar and choose between “favourites”, “search” and “address”. Favorites may be added which are configured individually in the “favourites” area (see the screenshots). These can then be modified or deleted as well as new ones added by using the "adress" bar area.

The keyboard language can be changed from English to the local language with a touch of an icon.

The user can also select “search” and type a search term into the field in the middle of the bar area.

Finally the list of internet addresses is shown in the middle field. The user can scroll through the address list using the arrows and load any of the shown addresses. By touching any URL entry in the middle field of the search bar, the requested Internet page will appear on the screen. The list of the URLs, which are shown in the search field consists of 10 entries each and can be paged down by touching the field “more”.

If a new search term is to be entered one merely needs to touch the “new search” field and type in the required word.

When selecting the buttons “favorites”, “search”, “address”, they appear highlighted for easier distiction from the other functions. Any available hyperlinks may be opened with a simple touch. One can easily navigate between windows.

One can also switch between “new search” (search for the new term), “load” (load some URL) and “add” (add some URL to the list of the favourites) in the right area of the bar.

visiomatic Home System makes it possible to surf on the internet round the clock, with the download function for the internet being disabled to prevent a security risk.



  • Favorites
  • Search for any keyword/term
  • Search for any URL
  • Add/remove the web site to/from the favorites list