The visiomatic System provides fast communication, such as ISDN telephony with call holding, call diversion and 3-way calls, the in-house video telephony via visiPad displays, the telephone book or the answering machine and many functions more.

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Video Intercom

Video Intercom Screen
visiPad RC6: Video Intercom Screen



Communications to the entrance door is very important for the total security and comfort. visiomatic Home System makes the controlling, managing and visualization of the video intercom system possible. The video intercom screen of visiomatic shows a user-friendly self-explanatory design and a convenient handling. By activating of the door bell the pop-up window appears on the screen and the signal tone comes.

With the visiomatic video intercom module the customer can safely identify visitors before answering. Simply by ringing the doorbell, the live video is transmitted directly to the visiPad . The customer can see the caller in the pop-up screen and has the choice to enable the intercom communication to the caller with one touch of the button “Talk”.

In addition to this feature the customer can open the entrance door or reject the communication.



  • Shows the pop-up screen when the door bell rings
  • Shows the entrance camera view
  • Opens the door
  • Communication with visitors
  • Rejection of call
  • swivel-mounted camera (possible on demand)