The visiomatic System provides fast communication, such as ISDN telephony with call holding, call diversion and 3-way calls, the in-house video telephony via visiPad displays, the telephone book or the answering machine and many functions more.

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Phone Screen

Phone Screen
Phone Screen CLIP
Phone Screen ReDial
Phone Screen Dial



The visiomatic phone screen provides an opportunity to phone with visiPad , see who called in the CLIP list, redial phone numbers or retrieve some phone numbers from the MS Outlook based phone directory.

The main groups in the top bar can be initialized individually, so the visiomatic screen can be used as a digital phone book. This can be used to make internal or external calls.

There are listings for internal numbers and external numbers (see the screenshots). Extenal numbers can be called easily with the help of the “Dial Numbers” entries.

The “Re-Dial” field includes the last dialled phones (see the screenshots).

The “CLIP” feature provides the customer with the call forwarding function. The visiomatic phone screen can also be used as an answering machine.



  • Show the internal phone numbers/names
  • Show the external phone numbers/names
  • Call/speak via visiPad
  • Show the last dialed phone numbers
  • Call forwarding function