The visiomatic System provides fast communication, such as ISDN telephony with call holding, call diversion and 3-way calls, the in-house video telephony via visiPad displays, the telephone book or the answering machine and many functions more.

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Home Messager

Home Messager Screen
Home Messager Screen, Password Protection
Home Messager Screen, New Message
Home Messager Screen, Read the Message



The visiomatic system enables the user to leave messages for other occupants or employees of a building using the Home Messaging system.
This feature offers functionality similar to a pin board or an internal email system.

The messages may be password protected. The required passwords are entered via the on-screen numeric block (see the screenshot).
The visiomatic message screen can be customised and personalised with the help of user images and photos.

The occupants of the house can send each other messages, which appear immediately in the recipient’s members account and a notification is sent to the member letting them know they have a new message waiting. These messages are stored in the communication centre’s inbox so they can be read later.

The user can easily choose the recipient of a message by scrolling in the top bar and clicking the button “New Message”. The screen “Please enter the message” will appear and the user can enter his message with a simple touch of the screen.



  • Shows the listed names and their picture/photo
  • Password protected internal communication
  • Creates/deletes any message