visiPad SL18, BMS Control Screen

The visiomatic System makes use of individually customized floor plans and easy-to-understand icons to allow you to activate, regulate and control building technology in just seconds.

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Timer Screen

Timer Screen
New Timer
Timer Server
Timer Screen



The visiomatic timer screen makes it possible for the user to activate, define or modify the timer. The scenarios, which are already defined by the user, can be added to each software timer. A scenario can run a number of functions from the technology areas home automation, telecommunications and entertainment electronics: For example turning off the lights in different rooms, activating the alarm system throughout the entire building or starting some MP3 in the living room.

The timer screen is divided into certain fields: The top bar contains the available timer, its status and the possible functions, such as “activate”, “run now”, “delete” etc. The bottom bar includes the type of timer, timer settings and the possible scenarios.

It's self explanatory and easy to use.

The timer server manages the scenarios timing and shows every scenario which was created by the user. The created timer can be modified by using the timer server or timer screen. It's details are shown in the bottom area of the software server screen. The event protocol can be used to track changes in the timer settings.



  • Show the actual timer list
  • Change the timer state:
    • Activate timer
    • Run timer
    • Delete timer
    • Save a new timer
    • Rename timer
    • Add a new timer
  • Choose the timer settings:
    • Timer type (once, repeat, daily, weekly, monthly, on special days)
    • Start time
    • Start date
  • Choose scenarios, which should be executed by the timer server