visiPad SL18, BMS Control Screen

The visiomatic System makes use of individually customized floor plans and easy-to-understand icons to allow you to activate, regulate and control building technology in just seconds.

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Scenarios Screen

Scenarios Screen
New Scenario



By using the visiomatic scenarios screen the customer is able to activate, define or modify scenarios easily on his own.

The screen is divided into certain fields: The top bar contains the installations, areas, rooms and dimmer tabs. The bottom bar includes the scenes, actions, values and functions tabs. In the bottom bar the user can define, delete or rename their own scenes as well as insert, delete or activate the pre-programmed scenarios.  

The user can also add a new scene in the bottom bar by activating the “New Scene” function and giving this new scene a title using the on-screen keyboard, for example “Relax” (see the screenshot) and then selecting “Ok”.

The user can switch between the English and the local language keyboard by using the icon in the “New Scene” screen. For example if the application language is Arabic, then the keyboard language can be switched between English and Arabic. If the language is Russian, then it can be changed to English or back to Russian.

After the new scene has been saved the user can see it in the bottom bar under the “Scenes” tab. Next a new action can be inserted into the scene “Relax”: The user can select the command “Insert Action” and then select  which rooms and dimmer devices should be inserted into the new scene in the top bar. The user selects the room, the dimmer value and then selects the command “Insert Action” in the bottom bar.

The new actions for the scene appear in the “Actions” tab. The user can define a percentage for a lighting level or a temperature setting, e.g., set the living room light to 50% or set the Bedroom thermostat to 25°C (77°F) (see the screenshot). The current selected scene is then highlighted with different colours for easier identification.



  • Show the scenarios list
  • Show the actions list
  • Show the values list
  • Show the functions list:
  • Define a new scenario with the favored actions
  • Run any action from the actions list
  • Rename/delete any existing scenario