visiPad SL18, BMS Control Screen

The visiomatic System makes use of individually customized floor plans and easy-to-understand icons to allow you to activate, regulate and control building technology in just seconds.

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Presence Simulation

Presence Simulation Screen
New Presence Simulation
Presence Simulation Screen
Presence Simulation Screen
Presence Simulation Server
Presence Simulation Server



The visiomatic presence simulation screen enables the simulation of presence through electronic media or the building management system components. It can be used to setup new actions for presence simulation in the visiomatic Home System.

The user can define his own presence simulation by using the button “New List”. With the help of the on-screen keyboard the user can enter the title of the simulation. After that the customer can define the actions for this particular simulation.

The user touches his selected area for example “1st Floor”, chooses the object, for example the foyer and selects one of the corresponding actions, for example “Light Foyer” (see the screenshots). The button “Insert Action” must be selected to complete the procedure.

The user can add new actions for the Presence Simulation Server and define on which days of the week the simulation should be executed, what time it ought to start/stop, depending on the actual local sunrise/sunset time as well as the modulation, if this timing should be used exactly or with some deviation (random, +/- any hours).

The Presence Simulation Server manages the simulation settings in order to simulate the presence of the resident of a building during his absence by switching, dimming, raising the blinds and using the preconfigured scenes. This feature can be used as a security measure to protect the the user's property.

The Presence Simulation Server shows the actual simulations, which have been created by the customer including the content list of actions for each presence simulation. It also enables the simulation of the exact timing of sunrise/sunset depending on the corresponding location of the building, so the user can create his presence simulations using the local times.



  • Show the actual simulation list
  • Show the scenarios content to each simulation
  • Add/rename/activate simulation
  • Change the simulation settings:
    • Activate simulation
    • Insert/delete action
    • Delete simulation
  • Choose scenarios, which should be executed by simulation server