visiPad SL18, BMS Control Screen

The visiomatic System makes use of individually customized floor plans and easy-to-understand icons to allow you to activate, regulate and control building technology in just seconds.

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Alarm System

Alarm System Visualization



The visiomatic alarm software server is used to visualize of the actual status of the reporting points of the effeff or Telenot alarm systems. The controlling function of the effeff alarm systems is available via IGIS LAN V.24 or Loop.
The alarm system control sectors can be shown in the room view or floor overview, so the occupants are able to monitor the status of the alarm system on the visiPad touch screen.

The customer is able to enable or disenable his alarm system as well as lock or unlock it in any alarm sector of the building with a simple touch of the visiPad .
This visiomatic visualization tool is comfortable and easy to use.

The alarm system objects combined with the corresponding actual status (highlighted in color) can be visualized for example on the visiomatic graphical user interface:

  • Door/glass door locked/unlocked
  • Window locked/unlocked
  • Grids opened/closed etc.



  • Show the status of the reporting points
  • Change the status of the reporting points (lock/unlock)
  • Arm/disarm the alarm system